Gone, but not FORGOTTEN

Last week’s Candlelight Service at the Roane County Jail was sobering in more ways than one.

It was both a celebration for those in recovery from substance abuse, as well as a commemoration for others who lost the battle, and was appropriately held in September, which is national recovery month.

More than a dozen jail ministry volunteers met in the inmate yard area of the Jail on Friday evening, and participated in a series of somber yet encouraging ceremonies that included almost every inmate housed at the center.

Each pod of inmates was brought out individually to take part in the service.

“It was voluntary for inmates to participate, and almost all did,” said Lt. Maretta McNichol of the Roane County Sheriff’s Office, who planned the first-ever event over the last several weeks.

In preparation, inmates had decorated white paper bags with names and dates, writing poems or speaking words of encouragement, along with sad notes mourning the lost.


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