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Founders of Krēd Share Their Stories of Addiction

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Frankie Ballard is performing in Knoxville next Sunday to benefit the Krēd Foundation of Hope.

Greg Love and Corey McLemore created the foundation to help others who are struggling with addiction.

Local 8 News reporter Sarah Jane Anderson sat down with the duo to find out what inspires them to help others.

"I had gone through rehab, and I had addiction to alcohol and other drugs. When I got through, I met a bunch of guys that wanted to give back," said Love.

McLemore was one of those guys.

"There's this huge financial help that people need," McLemore added. "If you don't have insurance or if you lost your job, you've got kids, you don't have money to go to treatment."

The money raised from the Q100.3 Jackson Terminal Acoustic Concert Series will help with that gap.

Last year, their concert series raised around $40,000, and they hope to generate even more than that this year.

Doors open at the Jackson Terminal on June 25 at 6:00 that evening.

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