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Heather Jouget Dies from Heroin Overdose

Heather Jouget Best Friend 3/17/1970 - 5/6/2017 Roanoke, Virginia

My best friend shown here with me died of a heroin overdose on May 6th and we all expect to find Fentanyl or a like drug. She is not what the mainstream would think a heroin addict is. She worked for the state police for years and before that she was a MP in the military. I think it is so important to share all the faces of opiate deaths so people understand that this is not in the back alleys and does not happen to just the "wrong" people. We have a generation of opiate addicts and we need to put a voice, face to this huge issue and hopefully save some loved ones. So another best friend does not get a call that says "I'm sorry she did not make it", or a parent finding their child dead on the bathroom floor or a partner trying to revive the one they love. This drug is here in every state, city and suburb and we can no longer be complacent. All opiate addicts and their loved ones should have access to free personal Narcan just to start with and so much more we can do! So I urge anyone who is comfortable to share your stories publicly and take the shame of this drug away because there is no shame in dying no matter how it happens!

If you are comfortable with sharing your story on the Facebook Group page I created, you can search for The Group called "FACES OF OPIATES - Stories of Using, Death and Recovery ". It is not a closed group but a public group as I want people to put a face on this horrible disease so others will understand that opiate addicts are in all aspects of life. If it is in your heart to share please do and if not that of course is fine as well, but join our group. Please feel free to invite others to the Group as well. Thanks

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