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New Drug Treatment Facility in Knoxville to Treat 'The Whole Person'

A new recovery center in Knoxville called Ensemble Recovery is working to address drug addiction as a disease.

"It's a total body disease and we want to bring a whole person approach to the care of these people," said Dr. Deaver Shattuck, the medical director at Ensemble Recovery.

Shattuck said in his work, he's seen the opioid epidemic take a strong hold over his patients.

"It's not just young people, it's older people, as well. This is a disease that cuts across class, race and age," Shattuck added.

Seeing the overwhelming need, Shattuck felt compelled to open a treatment facility to offer primary care, outpatient treatment options and psychiatric services all in one.

"Really that's the heart of our mission is to reach out to these individuals because it can be really hard to find care," said Brooke Chalmers, a physician assistant at the center.

Chalmers believes the whole person approach is working for their patients.

"These drugs not only have a physical impact, but they have an emotional impact, so really just giving hope and healing to individuals," Chalmers added.

Psychiatrists like James Gillespie said offering mental health help is key when overcoming addiction.

"Because we have the medical that sort of gives a lot of people some acceptance of our clinic and the fact that there is psychiatry on board, that means you are not crazy," Gillespie said.

Shattuck wants to help as many people as possible at Ensemble Recovery. He noted they take TennCare and Medicare providers.

"Our goal is that we don't have waiting lists because an addict, if they are ready for recovery and you tell them you can't help them for six weeks, you are basically telling them you can't help them," Shattuck said.

Ensemble Recovery is holding a community health fair Saturday at their facility starting at 11 a.m.

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