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Kroger to Begin Selling CBD Products in Tennessee and Kentucky

Kroger announced Tuesday that it will soon stock CBD products on its shelves in 17 states, including Tennessee and Kentucky.

Kroger said it will begin selling topical hemp-derived CBD products like lotions and creams in Knoxville stores and hundreds of others across the U.S. later this week.

The supermarket giant joins chains like Walgreens and CVS that are taking advantage of CBD's growing popularity.

"Like many retailers, we are offering our customers a highly-curated selection of topical products like lotions, balms, oils and creams that are infused with hemp-derived CBD," Kroger spokesperson Melissa Eads said. "CBD is a naturally-occurring and non-intoxicating compound that has promising benefits and is permitted within federal and state regulations. Our limited selection of hemp-derived CBD topical products is from suppliers that have been reviewed for quality and safety."

CBD, or Cannabidoil, is a substance that can be derived from any number of cannabis strains like hemp and has a wide variety of uses. It does not produce a high like THC, though, and many now use it to holistically treat issues like pain and anxiety in people and pets.

CBD is also now prescribed under the name 'Epidiolex' to treat two serious types of epilepsy.

Due to changes in federal and state regulations -- industrial hemp-derived CBD is now widely legal and a popular choice for sellers across the U.S. to meet the growing demand for CBD.

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