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The Addict's Family

The Addicts Family is a support group for family members of addicts. We welcome others as long as the families are supported. Our group is comprised of advocates, caregivers, those who have lost their loved ones, those who are still fighting the battle and those in recovery. This journey is painful, and lonely. Stigma and demoralization have been attached to this disease for way too long. You do not have to go it alone anymore. I care. We care. Collectively let's support each other giving each other strength. Let us bring awareness and education to the forefront of our towns, and teach overdose awareness and prevention. Quite simply let us “help each other” as we walk this journey with all the others who are walking it with us. 

Caleb's Song

Caleb's Song is an TN harm reduction project that was created to raise overdose awareness by bringing music and advocacy together, all in memory of Caleb.

The AD Foundation

The AD Foundation, named in memory of Aaron Douglas, has been established to give voice to the epidemic of opiate abuse. It is set to encourage, empower and educate young people on the dangers of prescription drugs and attempt to save just one more life.

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