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Tennessee Law allows you to get obtain Naloxone from pharmacies with a doctor's prescription.


However, a prescription does not include access to a kit and does not provide the gloves, mask, syringe or off-label nasal atomizer. It also does not mean that you are certified to carry or administer the Naloxone. 


After completing training from the TN Dept. of Health, a person can be certified to carry and administer Naloxone in the state of Tennessee.

We, at Tennessee Overdose Prevention, provide training to help Tennessee citizens become certified according to the TN Dept. of Health's standards. Since October 2015, we have administered this training throughout Tennessee, including Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis. Tennessee Overdose Prevention distributes free Naloxone to active users, people leaving treatment, jail, or the emergency room when they have survived an overdose. If you are interested in scheduling Naloxone training, please contact us below:


Additionally, Naloxone training can also be found in Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina. There are at least 36 additional states that have Naloxone kits available. 


  • In September 2015, CVS announced that Tennessee was one of the 12 states that CVS would dispense Naloxone through a standing order.

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Tennessee Naloxone Training

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Opioid Overdose Programs

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