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We, at Tennessee Overdose Prevention, continually strive to educate, implement, and develop resources for Tennessee’s laws, focusing mainly on the state’s Good Samaritan, Naloxone and Pharmacy laws. Currently, our efforts manifest in the following services:


  • Scheduling and administering Naloxone Training to families, friends, and professionals within the recovery community.

  • Scheduling and administering informative sessions about the TN Laws linked to the Recovery community.

  • Memorializing those we have lost and recognizing the accomplishments of our family and friends via our In Memory and In Recovery featurettes.

  • Providing general information and stuff about groups and organizations for families and people in recovery in the National and East TN recovery communities as well as updated information about any upcoming events happening within them.

  • Providing information and gateways for interested volunteers to get involved and support friends in the recovery community.


Though these are the services we provide, Tennessee Overdose Prevention is always looking for new friends and opportunities within both the state and national recovery communities. We would love to hear from you.

In addition to the form below, you can also contact us via our Facebook page, Tennessee Overdose Protection, or our email:

Click Here to Contact TN Overdose Prevention
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