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From "The Bobby Bones Show" Website

The first book is described as "A touching, funny, heart-wrenching, and triumphant memoir from one of the biggest names in radio, the host of The Bobby Bones Show, one of the most listened-to drive time morning radio shows in the nation." And Bones second book is described as "Comedian and dedicated philanthropist delivers an inspirational and humorous collection of stories about his biggest misses in life and how he turned them into lessons and wins."

These two books were massive successes and favorites for fans of Bobby Bones and The Bobby Bones Show. Fans learned all kinds of things about Bones, his trials and triumphs into the world of radio and beyond. Now, he's being asked if he wants to write a third book. He's been debating what the topic would be and on the show, he talked about addressing how we've all been broken, but we're not broken. He wanted to focus on people and how we're all struggling through life and the ways to get through it.

No word on when or if a third book will happen from Bones, but rest assured, the news will be posted here if it happens.

Bobby Bones has been giving high school students an opportunity for a scholarship at his alma mater Mountain Pine High School in Mountain Pine, Arkansas for years now. Due to his success now, he wants to give back for those similar to him who may have struggled or needed some help in getting to college.

The scholarship is called "Don't Be Skippin' Class Scholarship" and it's awarded to a high school student who submits their application to Bones along with an essay of why they deserve it. This year Bones was reading through all of the applications and essays when he narrowed things down to two people. He read through them multiple times and then ultimately decided he couldn't chose one over the other.

So for the first time, Bones gave out two of his scholarships to the students.

Sober Bars - large font.png

Have you ever been to a bar that doesn't serve alcohol? A new bar has opened it's doors in New York City and get this, they don't serve booze! Getaway is the newest sober bar among the short list of others that have been opening up in New York and London.

Drinking nonalcoholic drinks has become a new craze among those wanting to either cut calories, change their social lifestyle, or go out and have fun but don't partake in drinking alcohol. Some might think a "sober bar" is just a glorified coffee shop, however, these bars want to keep the "pub like" feeling alive making you feel as if you're in a regular bar. So if you're in the mood to go out but stay sober, check out one of these trendy new booze-free bars!

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