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You Are Linked to Resources


A resource to provide education, awareness, and information for families who want more information on what they can do. 

Caleb's Song


Caleb's Song is an TN harm reduction project that was created to raise overdose awareness by bringing music and advocacy together. All in memory of Caleb.

A.D.D.I.S.O.N. (Abolish Drug Distribution Igniting Support Of

New- Beginnings)


During 2012, approximately 3,500 Tennesseans have lost their lives due to prescription drug overdoses.

Rebuilding Shattered Lives


As parents, families and loved ones of a "victim of heroin" we suffer tremendously with the addiction, the stigma, no resources, financial burdens and sometimes just need a shoulder to cry on. We are here to help. We raise funds to help possibly with treatment, bus ticket home, a warm meal, feeding a family during a loss or simply sending flower arrangements to families who have suffered a loss from overdose. We will send cards to your loved ones incarcerated for encouragement; We rally, we plan and we educate. We want the word out that addiction is serious and HEROIN KILLS! We welcome all who are seriously interested in helping others. 

The AD Foundation


Named in memory of Aaron Douglas, gives voice to the epidemic of opiate abuse. Our mission is to Encourage, Empower and Educate.

Henry's Fund

The mission of Henry's Fund is to end teen and young adult drug addiction through treatment funding, education, support, and advocacy. Henry's Fund is also a part of the movement to remove the stigma associated with addiction and recovery.

Ann Needed Naloxone


Please help us prevent deaths from prescription pain pills by making the public more aware of this epidemic, the cause and the solution.

Memphis' War on Heroin

Hearts for Hope 

Hearts for Hope and Healing exists to not only bring awareness to our city about the deadly dangers of heroin use but we strive to put an end to all drug addiction by loving people to CHRIST. With GOD's help, we are attacking this enemy by going straight to the addict and their loved ones as an advocate for life by offering compassion and grace instead of condemnation, hope for families and friends who don't know where to turn and supernatural healing which only comes when the heart is transformed by the hand of GOD.

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