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Bethany Morse

June 30, 1983 - February 2, 2018

Bethany Morse's Obituary

In Memory of Bethany Morse

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Bethany's Story of Addiction and Recovery from Tennessee

Bethany's Funeral Music Performance

Bethany Morse's #TeamTyler #TeamCam

Statewide Addiction Recovery Advocate Bethany Morse, 34, Dies in Nashville

By: Kristi L Nelson

Memphis's War on Heroin

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Alum Advocates for Heroin Addicts’ Recovery

Morse’s efforts include training families to use Narcan

Several days after her first overdose, Bethany Morse opened her eyes in a California hospital room.

Out of a coma, she climbed slowly into consciousness. Her lungs resumed their load, shedding the ventilator’s support. Her brain shook off the threat of permanent damage.

Yet as her family gathered around her bedside, Morse’s first thought was not, “Thank God I lived.”

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