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Remembering Your Loved One

East Tennessee Billboards

On our website, we would like to honor and remember your loved one in one of our revolving Remembering Carousel photo galleries. Below we have included screenshots of what the carousels currently look like. 

Here are a couple of examples of how it looks when you click on a picture from the carousel. 

aaron douglas example.JPG
zan young example.JPG

As well as the photo of your loved one in the carousel, we are also offering a new service to our Remembering Carousel on the TOP website where we feature a link to another website to further remember your loved one.


You can have a specific website/blog or Facebook page link in mind to use or we can help create a remembering Pinterest board for your loved one. TOP and yourself would be co-owners. 


Here is an example of how a Pinterest board will look when you click on their link.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 12.12.58

If you do not want to create a Pinterest board, you can use the Notes section on you or your loved one's Facebook to post photos, videos and obituary links. We would then use the link to the Facebook notes section as the link on the carousel. 

Click below for an example of a Facebook Notes section 

We are also asking for people to add a description of their loved one and what characteristics they had that should be remembered. This description will be visible if you click on a picture from the Remembering Carousel. It can also be added to the Pinterest board or Facebook notes section. We are modeling this from an organization called Truth Pharm, in New York who is doing something similar for their Trail of Truth for International Overdose Awareness Day. 


If the photo, Pinterest page or Facebook Notes interest you, we ask you to answer all of the required information in google form that is linked below. Once you have filled out the form, your loved one will be added to the TOP website.


Click this link for the form


If there is anyone you know who would also like to have their loved one remembered please forward this information to them.


If you are able, please add a post to your Facebook page asking people inquire about the carousel and Pinterest boards to remember their loved ones.

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