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Deadly New "Super Pill" Found in Knoxville

A deadly new drug that's already killed more than ten people is sweeping across the country. One Knoxville woman says the so-called Super Pill is being sold on the street here and it almost killed her sister.

It looks like a Xanax pill, also known as a totem pole, but it's not just Xanax it has the drug Fentanyl in it. It's cheap and easy to get, but it's deadly.

Hope posted a picture of her sister in a hospital bed after a drug overdose. Hope Parker says, "There are people who buy stuff on the streets and they have no idea what they are."

She says that's what happened to her sister and a friend. They bought a Xanax on the street for 10 dollars, took one each, and within minutes lost control of their body. Hope says, "She said she felt herself draw up and have involuntary movements. Once she hit the floor she blacked out."

Before blacking out,she was able to call 911. Police gave her Naloxone, a medication used to treat narcotic overdoses, but she was unconscious for 48 hours. She says that Xanax, was really the Super Pill. It looks like a Xanax totem pole, but it has Fentanyl in it which is a medication that is 80 times stronger than Morphine. Kip Winger, an ER doctor at UT Medical Center, says, "They end up with severe resperitory depression and ultimately stop breathing and could die."

The Super Pill has already killed nine people in Tampa and three people in San Francisco. Hope says, "I'm scared to death. She's one so far that has come out of it."

She's glad her sister survived, and wants to warn others who think they're buying Xanax. Hope says, "These people are willing to put anything in the drugs just to make a dollar off of them. they don't care what's happening to the people who take them."

Hope says the girl that overdosed with her sister is still unconscious.

Doctors don't know if she will wake up at all. No one knows where the pills are coming from, but drug experts tell me they are probably being made overseas and shipped here illegally or someone is buying Fentanyl and pressing these pills.

So how can you tell if it's a real Xanax or the Super Pill? If you're buying it from a pharmacy it's the real deal, but if you're buying it off the street there's really no way to know until it's too late.

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