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Max Barry's 911 Calls Reveal Drug Addiction's Impact on Families

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - The 911 call made to police in Littleton, CO, on July 29 shows the tragic details of how 22-year-old Max Barry died, more than 1,000 miles away from the city where his mother is mayor.

The News 4 I-Team obtained the 911 call on the same day Barry’s autopsy was released, showing his accidental death was the result of a combination of opioids, sedatives, cocaine and marijuana in his system.

The caller, who identifies himself as Travis, said Barry came over to a home on South Webster Court in Littleton where Travis was house sitting.

“One of my friends - he came over - he brought some pills over, he started taking some, and he's not coherent right now,” Travis said on the 911 call. “I think he's been taking some sort of drugs and mixed a couple but he's not coherent now.”

Travis said in the call while he and another friend went to get something to eat, the returned to find Barry unresponsive.

“He's not awake. He's not coherent. We tried to pour a bucket of water on his head, it didn't do anything,” Travis said.

Travis can repeatedly be heard saying Max’s name in the 911 call, trying to awaken him.

The I-Team shared the 911 call with Mayor Megan Barry as soon as we received it, so she would not hear the details for the first time on television.

News 4 opted not to broadcast the 911 call, because Barry is not a public figure and it was not a criminal manner.

But the circumstances of his death show the common struggles facing so many families across the nation with a loved one addicted to drugs.

Mayor Barry herself has spoken publicly about her son’s drug addiction to several news outlets in the attempt to broaden the conversation about addiction.

The ugly truth about Max Barry’s death is revealed in one detail in the 911 call: Travis didn’t even know Max’s family.

"He's from out of town. I don't … I don't know who is parents are," he said.

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