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UT Business Students Help Susannah's House Grow Preschool Program

A resource that provides hope for women battling drug addiction is getting some outside help. Leaders at Susannah's House are working to add a preschool that can counsel parents and children on the trauma they've faced.

The Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Recovery for Mothers in East Tennessee serves 20 women fighting opioid addiction. All together - that's more than 70 kids affected by drugs. Susannah's House believes preschool therapy can break the cycle of drug abuse.

"So we're going to need some trauma specific toys and therapy toys,” explained Executive Director Rebekah Fetzer.

University of Tennessee Business student Anna House is part of a group hoping to move them closer to that goal.

"We wanted to contribute to their next step,” said House.

They're raising money online with goal of $2,000 by the end of the semester to buy toys used in the therapy program.

"Somebody in the community, especially young people wanted to help with our mission, just made all the difference in the world,” said Fetzer.

Through the partnership students are learning about the realities of drug abuse.

"These are women our age dealing with something very hard to deal with,” said House.

And helping build a better future for the families at Susannah's House.

"Love and serve their kids like they need to,” said Fetzer.

Susannah's house hopes to begin renovation next Spring.

You can find a link to the fundraiser here.

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