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'It's Frustrating' Nashville Family Hopes for Breakthrough in Medical Cannabis Vote

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - Tim Vogus and his wife Jen say life has been much better this past year. "We're just hoping people will get to experience what we've gotten to experience where they can get that treatment, see that relief cause it's life-changing," said Tim Vogus. It's been about one year since their 15-year-old son Aidan has had a seizure.

He was born with a rare chromosome disorder and used to suffer three to four seizures a day since he was five weeks old.

They kept a baby monitor next to his bed even through Aidan's teenage years. "We're listening all night for any kind of movements or things like that that may be signs of a seizure," said Tim Vogus. Aidan's been taking cannabis oil for the past two years.

His parents say it's cut his seizures down to about zero.

It's a huge improvement Tim and Jen want other families to experience. They're going to the capitol Wednesday, hoping lawmakers will vote for a bill that decriminalizes using cannabis oil for about 15 medical conditions including cancer, Parkinson's Disease, and ALS. Right now, it can only be used for people who have seizures. Debate over the bill has delayed the vote for several weeks. "It's frustrating," said Tim Vogus. "It's nerve-wracking." The couple says they're "cautiously optimistic" about Wednesday's vote. "We've been through the process before and every step of the way is a nail-biting kind of process," said Jen Vogus. "We're just so thankful that Aidan has been treated by the CBD oil. We just really want others to have that same opportunity."

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