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Former Addict Shares Recovery Story

Taylor Furlough was in high school when he became addicted to the opioid "Opana."

He remembers trying it for the first time and calls it, "the best feeling of his life."

"If I was in between jobs, I would do anything I had to do to get it whether that be steal or just whatever," said Furlough.

Ten years later, after treatment, relapse and several arrests, Furlough recalls the the worst feeling of his life.

He was high on fentanyl, crashed his truck, and woke up in a pile of his own vomit.

"I could have wrecked and killed myself or I could have wrecked into another car and killed somebody. Honestly, and that's why it was such a big wake up moment," said Furlough.

With help from his family and Addiction Campuses, Furlough has been sober for about a year.

He now works at Addiction Campuses as a treatment specialist.

Furlough heard about the 10 deadly overdoses in Nashville, and like police and emergency responders, he's really concerned.

"You have cancer and everything like that, but this is killing just as many people and a lot of them are getting younger and younger," said Furlough.

Now he's begging people: make the call.

"I just want people to know that want help, ask for it because it saved my life and I've seen it save so many others' life," said Furlough.

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