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Local Stores See Increase in CBD Sales from Pandemic Stress, Anxiety

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The pandemic continues to cause financial stress and anxiety, but a new study found that's affecting people of color even more. 

Those surveyed said they were more worried about paying a mortgage, finding a job or needing new skills to land that job. 

To manage stress, some are turning to CBD and local stores in East Tennessee are seeing that impact.  

CBD was a hit before the pandemic. Word spread fast about how it could relieve pain and stress. Putting a pandemic on top of that helped spread the word even faster. 

"It helps with anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, joint pain," said Samantha Bolin with Belew Drugs. "We had a dip in interest that month of April when everyone was at home but as soon as people started getting back out they started buying again."

Belew Drugs is just one of many stores in Knoxville seeing more take interest every day. 

"Life has changed in the past six or seven months for a lot of us so we're seeing a lot of people who are trying CBD who didn't have a reason to try it before," said Bolin. 

She's seen a lot of people asking for a new stress reliever. 

"They've lost their job or they're unsure about their job. Or they're a mom and they're home with their kids the extra 40 hours a week they're not at school," she said.

Bolin said there's also been an increase in more companies wanting to join the market. She encourages people to always buy from reputable businesses. 

"It's a good thing people are reaching out, reaching out to doctors or talking to friends or pharmacists if they feel they are having trouble and need some help," she said.

CBD isn't regulated by the FDA. If you're looking to try it, always consult with your doctor beforehand because it can affect other medications you may be on. Pharmacists urge CBD can't get you high, but can show up in certain drug tests.

Several companies opened their doors to sell CBD when demand was high earlier this year but were forced to close due to the pandemic. 

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