Pills Proving Deadly over Past 8 Months

There were 19 confirmed overdose deaths in Roane County in 2015.

The numbers this year haven’t given officials a reason to feel better about the problem.

According to information provided by the Roane County Sheriff’s Office, 15 people had died from overdoses in Roane County through the end of August. Four of those were confirmed and the final determination on the others were still pending.

“It’s kind of sad to know that even with all the publicity about the drug issue, these things are still going on,” Sheriff Jack Stockton said.

“I think it shows a dire need for rehabilitation programs in our communities.”

The majority of the overdose deaths the past two years are due to prescription drugs.

“We are long past the point of denying that we have an opioid addiction epidemic in Roane County and all of Tennessee,” 9th Judicial District Public Defender Kim Nelson said.

“It is a problem impacting the criminal justice system in every jurisdiction of the state.


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