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Greeneville Pharmacists Donate Narcan Kits to Local Police

Corley's Pharmacy and Atchley Drug Center in Greeneville are donating 30 kits with two doses of the Narcan, also called Naloxone, to Greeneville patrol officers.

Those kits normally cost $80 dollars, and police officials believe the donations can have an immediate impact. "Greeneville, Greene County opioid abuse is probably second behind marijuana use,” explained Greeneville Police Department Detective Captain Tim Davis. Police officers are often the first people to respond to an overdose call. They believe Narcan will help save lives. "In Greeneville we've had in the last six months, three cases that have shown to be overdose deaths that have shown up to be fentanyl when the autopsy results came back,” said Davis. Pharmacist Allen Corley taught Greeneville police officers how to use this life saving tool Monday night.

These overdose reversal agents can also be used to save an officer's life - first responders are put at risk if they inhale or touch the powder form of certain drugs. "If an officer comes into contact with that powder while dealing with that subject, then they can absorb it through their skin or breathe it. Someone who takes no opioids on a regular basis, it doesn't take much to depress your breathing,” Corley said. Corley hopes arming these officers will encourage anyone with loved ones abusing opioids to get trained to use Narcan. "I know from our conversations at the pharmacy we know people that have family who are abusing prescription drugs and have found them unresponsive, and been able to wake them up, that may not happen next time,” he said.

Greeneville police say right now one of their biggest concerns is fentanyl - a powerful pain drug typically used by cancer patients. It's being made on the streets using other ingredients.

People are dying because they're taking drugs not knowing how strong they are - or what's in them.

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