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Transformations Unfold in Maryville Neighborhood

MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- An East Tennessee neighborhood provides drug addicts with a path towards healing.

"I'm here to learn how to be a man again," said Brock T., a man enrolled in the True Purpose Ministries program. "Drugs just took everything out of my life, you know, it took away my ambition to do anything other than look for a way to get high."

In the midst of a quaint, middle class Blount County community, Brock and other men work to put their lives back together

'It's saved my life definitely," said Brock. "I'd either be dead or in jail."

True Purpose Ministries runs a faith-based rehab program out of a few homes in a Maryville neighborhood. It also has locations in Knoxville and Warsaw, Indiana.

True Purpose Ministries provides a discipleship program, which counsels, houses, clothes and feeds clients, while teaching them about the bible and life skills. The 12-month program costs $335.

The program also provides outpatient drug and alcohol rehab services that includes psychological, group and family therapy.

From jail cots to a set of bunk beds, Brock said it's where he found his salvation.

"My relationship with God is better than its ever been, and it's going to grow and get better," said Brock.

It's not just Brock who said he's been changed.

"Before I came in here, I was an atheist," said Ben G.

Local 8 News reporter Donovan Long first met Ben when he was a prisoner in the Hamblen County Jail.

"I'm stealing a lot, I'm manipulating, trying to get all this money to afford my habit," said Ben G.

Ben kicked his drug habit for a new addiction, God. He said Christianity offers redemption that he could never find before.

"You feel the presence of the holy spirit and [when I felt] it for the first time, I broke down in tears," said Ben G.

So, in the neighborhood, it seemed homes weren't the only thing under construction. Men appeared to be works in progress too.

"There's guys out there that need this place," said Brock T. "There's hope out there; there's a place that wants to see you make it."

If you know someone in need of help.

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