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Metro Files Lawsuit Against Prescription Opioid Manufacturers

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Each day, more than 100 Americans are killed by opioids.

Now, Nashville’s Metro government and Davidson County have filed a lawsuit against the distributors and manufacturers of prescription opioid drugs.

Mark Chalos is the managing partner of the firm representing Metro Nashville and Davidson County.

He says the purpose of this lawsuit is to recover taxpayer money and resources spent to combat the opioid epidemic in the Nashville community.

“There is no family in our community that is untouched by the opioid catastrophe,” said Chalos. “This seeks to hold the wrongdoers accountable and to make sure the wrongdoers pay those costs rather than the taxpayers of Nashville.”

The lawsuit is filed against a number of large opioid manufacturers and distributors. The complaint alleges that the defendants disregarded the safety of their customers and the public through misleading promotion and over-supplying of opioids.

“The opioid manufacturers and distributors all played a role in creating and fostering the opioid catastrophe,” said Chalos.

The complaint also alleges that marketing schemes rationalized prescribing opioids for chronic pain and opened the floodgates for opioid use and abuse. He adds that manufacturers and distributors downplayed the serious risk of addiction.

“They convinced the public, they convinced the medical community, in many cases falsely, that these drugs were necessary, that these drugs were safe, and little to no risk of addiction,” Chalos explained.

Chalos says the defendants are responsible for a crisis with overwhelming financial, social, and deadly consequences.

“These lawsuits are not like any other lawsuit that's ever been filed,” he explained. “Nashville, I expect will be a leader in this litigation, and I expect Nashville is leading as an example for other cities, counties, fighting for its citizens.”

Smith County is also filing a federal lawsuit against prescription opioid manufacturers and distributors.

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