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Special Birthday Party Held for Nashville Judge


Several people gathered Tuesday night to celebrate a special man who gave thousands of people a second chance at life in Nashville.

Seth Norman started a groundbreaking drug court program in 1996.

It's an 18-month program for non-violent drug offenders that includes heavy doses of therapy and job training.

On Tuesday night, several of his graduates came back to wish him a happy 84th birthday and say thank you for the difference he made in their lives.

"I was one of the first ones to come out of this program almost 22 years ago. I have 22 years of sobriety," said a graduate of the program. "He believed in me, I believed in him. I think about it every day where I would've been at. If it hadn't been for this program teaching me a new way to live, it wouldn't have been possible."

Norman has practiced law in Nashville for over 28 years.

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