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Hundreds Are Breaking the Silence When It Comes to Addiction

Hundreds of parents and neighbors are breaking the silence when it comes to addiction in their homes and communities.

They are starting conversations about substance abuse among youth in the mid-state, and getting to the root of the problem. The opioid epidemic, and drug use in schools came front and center.

A captivated audience of more than 200 people filled Our Savior Lutheran Church, listening to first-hand accounts, and breaking into small groups for Q&A.

Liz Beatty lost her son to an overdose. She started the "Breaking the Silence" movement.

“Each one of those stories represents a family, a community, a church, a business that's lost someone,” said Beatty. “He got within six months of graduating from MTSU with a degree in film and video production, and lost his battle one evening when combined OxyContin and Xanax, and never woke up. I found him dead in his bed the next morning.”

Tyler Bowman is a recovering addict who lost his ex-wife to an overdose.

He's one of the many speakers who challenges parents to have the tough conversations.

“The problem is nobody wants to talk about it, nobody wants to acknowledge it,” said Bowman. “Also, to learn how to not stigmatize their loved one who is struggling with addiction.”

Now, with a new school year starting up again, parents and guardians are told to be mindful that this when addictions can start.

“They maybe change schools, the requirements within their grades become more intense. If they have the opportunity to drive, they have the opportunity to go beyond what their parents are watching,” said Beatty.

Those who attended today's event were given a survey, asking them what topics they would like to hear about in future forums.

Another "Breaking the Silence” forum is scheduled for early November.

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