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Metro Police Make Several 'Concerning' Fentanyl Busts

Brett Gibney shared a heartbreaking message on social media. His son overdosed on Fentanyl and died.

Gibney posted a picture of a little bag saying, "These are my son's ashes."

Next to it, he had a picture of a dot far smaller than the size of a penny.

He said, "This is how much Fentanyl it takes to kill you."

Metro Police found 5 pounds in a suitcase at the Nashville airport.

They thought it was cocaine, but they now know it's straight Fentanyl.

It's the equivalent of 1 million deadly doses, and police said that's a conservative estimate.

"I mean, that's a large amount of Fentanyl with out question," said an undercover sergeant with the Metro Police Department.

It's been happening more and more.

Thursday, police found seven pounds of heroin at a home on Pleasant View Drive.

Then they arrested two brothers after police found baggies of heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

It still has to be tested, but police are pretty sure it's laced with Fentanyl too.

"Different color, different texture, different smell," said the undercover sergeant.

The sergeant we spoke to has been trying to get drugs off the streets of Nashville for 30 years.

They're now focusing a lot of energy on Fentanyl because it's not just the drug addicts who are affected.

"They're constantly looking for money somehow and that's what people have to keep in mind. It's horrendous that its killing people, but it's also driving our crime rate up because these home invasions, these robberies of your house, they're not looking for something nice they can hang in their house. They're looking for money or something they can sell for money to go buy more opioids," said the sergeant.

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