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Helen Ross McNabb Center Cuts Ribbon on Morristown's First 'Recovery Home'

Morristown's first 'Recovery Home' marked the official open Monday morning with a ribbon cutting.

The Recovery Home is a four-unit transitional and supportive housing complex. It will house up to 20 women at a time for at least four months. It will provide the extended care the women need to successfully transition from the Jail to Work program back into their community.

“The Recovery Home will provide a much needed sober living environment for women coming out of the Center’s Jail to Work program,” said Jerry Vagnier, Helen Ross McNabb Center’s president and CEO. “We are thrilled by the community’s support around both the Jail to Work program and the Recovery Home.”

The Recovery Home was made possible by a $750,000 fundraising campaign chaired by Don Rogers of Rogers Petroleum and Doyle Wallace of Wallace Hardware, according to a release from the Helen Ross McNabb Center.

"Through the Jail to Work program, the Center provides rehabilitation services, including therapy, substance abuse treatment and life skills, to incarcerated women who are housed on the Center’s Hamblen County campus," the release said.

The women in the program graduate and move back into the community after eight to 12 weeks.

"The success of the program has been unprecedented and the continuing services provided by the Recovery Home will meet the needs of the women who are ready to move back into the community."

The Helen Ross McNabb Center is a premier not-for-profit provider of behavioral health services in East Tennessee.

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