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Use of Medical Marijuana Introduced in Tennessee Legislature

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. --- State Senator Janice Bowling and Rep. Ron Travis, both Republicans, announced on Thursday they will introduce comprehensive legislation to regulate access to medical cannabis.

The proposal would allow qualified patients to obtain medical cards if they are diagnosed with specific medical conditions and purchase products from companies that are licensed by Tennessee and owned by Tennesseans to cultivate, process and dispense cannabis.

“I wanted a new bill that is Tennessee-specific and takes the best of what worked in other states and leaves out what did not. This bill delivers what I wanted,” Bowling added. “The legislature has not yet had that kind of bill to consider. The Bowling-Travis bill creates a fully functioning framework to license growing, producing and dispensing operations.”

The Tennessee Medial Cannabis Trade Association reported that they have endorsed the Bowling-Travis bill. They also reported that medical cannabis sales in the U.S. last year alone exceeded $3.5 billion.

The bill is expected to be formally introduced within the next couple of weeks.

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