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Local Pharmacist Discusses the Use of CBD for Variety of Complaints

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. — Cannabidiol or CBD, a hemp-derived product is now available at an increasing number of places around Oak Ridge and elsewhere in Tennessee.

Over 40 people came to an Altrusa International of Oak Ridge meeting at the DoubleTree Hotel in Oak Ridge to hear Jack Greene, Jefferson Compounding Center’s manager and owner, explain about the CBD products he sells and their uses.

“I was not ready to carry this product two years ago,” Greene said. However, he said customers were “persistent,” asking “on and on and on” about CBD.

He said he contacted various CBD companies but did not get information back. Eventually, he found Ananda Professional, a company that he said provided a great deal of information. During the talk he showed some of their products in a display and handed out informational and advertising handouts.

He said when he tells people CBD is from the hemp plant, some of them refuse to take it.

“Ugh! I don’t want that marijuana!” he said summing up these customers’ attitude.

“CBD is not marijuana,” Greene said.

He explained that CBD can come from hemp or marijuana.

However, it can legally only contain a small percentage — 0.3% or less — of tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, the chemical which gets people high.

“THC will get you high. CBD will not,” Greene said.

He explained that a small amount of THC at the legal level can help in certain cases, however. Cannabis plants with 0.3 percent are considered legal hemp rather than illegal marijuana under the 2018 Farm Bill. He said hemp has other uses, including clothes, soap and even cars.


He outlined some of the uses CBD has, including aiding with anxiety, stress, depression, seizures, pain and trouble sleeping.

He said many sleep medications such as Ambien might lead to dependence if taken too often.

“CBD may help that issue,” he said.

He also spoke positively of using CBD for pain relief as an alternative to opioids.

Another CBD product he mentioned he carries, Bliss, can help with libido.

With pets, he said, CBD helps with arthritis and panic attacks.


He did, however, warn of people on blood thinners using CBD.

“You have to watch what you eat (when you’re taking CBD),” he said

Greene also said some companies, although not the one that supplies the products he sells, go above the 0.3 % THC limit,

although a brochure he handed out at his talk stated higher amounts are not legal.

He said the Ananda products he carries have scannable QR codes with information about quality testing.

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