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Nolan Neal Overcomes Addiction And Performs Inspiring Original 'Lost' On AGT

In this inspiring performance, Nolan Neal shares his story of overcoming addiction and sings his original song ‘Lost’ on America’s Got Talent

Nolan is a 39-year-old from Nashville, TN who has had his shares of difficulties throughout his life. “The reason I took this amazing opportunity to come here is so I can share a little bit of my story and what I went through,” Nolan says right before his audition. When he was 26 years old, Nolan’s dad took his own life after calling Nolan and telling him he was going to do it. “My dad, he was a good guy, but he was just unwell,” Nolan shares. “I felt like my dad loved me, but when it happened, I really felt like I didn’t matter that much. I was like ‘Oh I wasn’t important enough for him to stick around.’ I blamed myself, for sure.” Later in his life, Nolan ended up getting a record deal in Los Angeles and started getting into the party lifestyle. His life was spiraling out of control until some of his loved ones stepped in to help him once he moved back to Nashville. Now Nolan has been sober for many years and is so grateful to have the chance to perform on AGT. “Simon, he knows real talent when he sees it, so if I am just kind of a washed-up singer, I know he’ll tell me,” Nolan says. “I’m glad to be here today, sober, very clear and focused. My voice is healthy. I’m healthy.” Before Nolan sings his original song ‘Lost,’ Simon asks him what the song means to him. “The hook of this song is ‘Lost for the last time.’ It’s about someone who thinks that they don’t deserve anything because of the things they’ve done,” says Nolan. “I hope that it connects with you all, that will be the real win for me.” As he sings his powerful song, the audience cheers in approval! What a great singer and musician who has overcome so much!

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