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East Tenn. School says Father can't Administer Hemp Oil to Son on School Grounds

James Griebe's son suffers involuntary twitching from a disorder called Tardive Dyskenisia.

"It kills me to see him like this," he said.

But he uses hemp oil to control it. "And it has absolutely almost corrected that," Griebe said, adding that small doses given three times a day allow his son to focus, especially at school.

But his son's school district is barring him from taking the oil to class.

"It makes me cry," Griebe said. "It's sad to see a kid twitch like that and not be able to do anything, and it's not his fault."

School officials are waiting for an answer from the Campbell County District Attorney, who is looking into the legality of the drug.

Until then, Griebe and his son must take the hemp oil off school property.

"It's counter-productive to say, 'Oh, you can give it to him, just not on school grounds,'" Griebe said.

According to Tennessee law, marijuana is illegal, but that does not include 'Industrial Hemp'. Griebe said his oil, 'Charlotte's Web' from Colorado, falls under that category with less than 0.3 percent THC.

The district also said they need a doctor's note to give the drug. Griebe disagrees, saying he doesn't because it's not a controlled substance.

"It's weighing heavily on me, my wife, and my poor kid is the one suffering. I'm not standing up for me, I'm standing up for my son," he said.

The school's director said they are trying to do what is best for the child and are trying to work with Griebe. They said they're still awaiting a decision from the DA.

Local 8 News asked viewers what they think of the school's policy.

Rob P. said, "If it is medically prescribed, legal in their respective state, necessary for the student to have it during school hours, and has the prescription with the school, then yes. It should be treated like any other medicine, in my opinion."

Jennifer C. said, "The one he is using has thc.. with that it should not be brought to school. I think it should be in the office if it is brought into school. Also he only uses it 3 times a day once before school another after school and once before bed. It's not that hard to space out. On the real question no I don't think it should be allowed unless no thc and there are more educated people in charge."

Heidi H. said, "Brought in by parents and left with school nurse to administer to the child maybe."

Jenny M. said, "Absolutely. With the proper precautions just like any other medication."

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