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Prescription Pills in your Car? Thieves May be Looking for Them

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- According to a recent police report, a car break-in downtown left one owner without his prescription medicine. Pharmacist and Medicine Shoppe owner Lisa Lawson says situations like this are common.

"Any type of valuable in the car, they're going to steal it, and so prescription drugs right now are a valuable commodity," Lawson said.

Police said the driving factor to steal the drugs, is more drugs.

"People are out to find anything that they can use to exchange for drugs. The epidemic that's going on, not only in this community, but the country, is out of control," KPD Public Information Officer Darrell Debusk said.

The trouble doesn't stop there. Lawson said it's crucial to let your doctor and your pharmacy know if your prescriptions have been stolen immediately.

"Your name is on that bottle, the prescription number, the pharmacy name, and so you need to notify that pharmacy just in case someone tries to bring a prescription in to get a refill, or just in case they try to send someone else with a forged prescription using that persons name," Lawson said.

While reporting the crime is important, Lawson said some doctors and pharmacists will make you wait until your next refill to get your medicine, even if you have a police report.

"There's no guarantee, because of the practices they have in place, that even if your medicine is stolen or lost, they won't give you a new prescription, and you'll just have to do without," Lawson said.

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