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Alleged Drug Dealers Charged in Knoxville Woman’s Overdose Death

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Two men were arrested April 26, 2017 after the overdose death of Sabrina Riley, 20.

According to an indictment, Dwayne Andrews and Kristen Simmermon are facing charges of second degree murder and delivery of a controlled substance. Andrews also faces a human trafficking charge.

The indictment states: “[Dwayne Edward Andrews] did unlawfully and knowingly attempt to subject the provision of a commercial sex act by another person, Sabrina Riley.”

The case was bound over to a grand jury. Both men remain behind bars in Knox County Detention Facility with bonds set at $100,000.

Sabrina Riley’s mother, Glenda Helton said addiction is something no family deserves to deal with.

“Addiction is rampant,” said Helton. “But I appreciate everything KPD is doing to help with that. No family deserves to go through something like this.”

Andrews is set to appear in court May 17, and Simmermon will have a trial May 30.

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