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Abuse Prevention Group Camps Outside Anderson Co. Courthouse for a Cause

A local substance abuse prevention group in Anderson County is braving the cold for a cause.

The Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) will not stop camping until they raise $80,000. They've raised more than $50,000, as of Tuesday afternoon.

ASAP needs to close the funding gap for their family drug court funding program and if they don't reach their goal, they will have to give back nearly $50,000 in grant funding.

"At the end of the day, we are going to save lives," said Executive Director Stephanie Strutner. "We are going to stay here as long as it takes."

Strutner said giving the grant money back is not an option. Their community needs this program.

"We can't give that money back. We have to get this program off the ground and running," she said.

Strutner said last March there were 67 young adults in the Anderson County Jail. She estimates that cost taxpayers more than $400,000. She said if five of those adults graduate from the program it will make a difference.

"If five participants stay out of jail, the program will pay for itself," Struner said.

To raise the money needed, they are not only camping but getting local businesses involved.

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