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Knoxville Father Helping Homeless Through Outreach Center Named after His Son

KNOXVILLE (WATE) - Ira Grimes lost his 26-year-old son to a drug overdose in May 2017.

"This right here is what you don't want... people," said Grimes pointing to a blanket on the wall. "You don't want your family member, your son, you don't want to see them on no t-shirt, no rug, no blanket, nothing like that."

Six months after Keenan Grimes death, Ira opened the Keenan Grimes Outreach Center in Knoxville..

"All I'm trying to do is just spread some love," said Grimes. "Throw some chemistry in the air, that I know will work. Love will cure all things."

Since opening the outreach center four months ago, Ira has opened the center's doors to some of Knoxville's neediest.

"God said, 'go get my people Chip, put them in that building you got where the heat is blowing on them.

They on the street, and don't just go get them and put them out at six in the morning, go get them and see about them,'" said Grimes.

With the help of donations from the community he has been able to change the lives of some of those who live under the bridge on Broadway.

"Wherever I got tired at or found a soft place, I'd lay my head down," said Mark, one of the people staying at the center. "I'd like to shout out to Chipper Grimes and his organization here with Keenan. In God's name he's doing this but to honor Keenan."

Ira says he knows Keenan is watching over him as he works to change lives.

"I can look at this and say, 'you know Keenan, this is your foundation and we're helping people, and we're going to love on everybody and we're going to go across the United States with this by just offering some love for free,'" said Grimes.

Grimes says the outreach center is having plumbing problems and is needing help. If you are a plumber and would like to help, or someone who wants to donate, you can contact Grimes at 865-964-0343 or his Facebook page.

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