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Rep. Black Defends Husband Paying Lobbyist to Argue against Medical Cannabis

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - Republican candidate for governor, Diane Black, Thursday defended her husband paying for a lobbyist to argue against medical cannabis.

The bill's sponsor, Jeremy Faison, has openly wondered why Black's husband is paying the lobbyist to fight the measure.

The Republican candidate for governor said it has nothing to do with the drug testing company Dave Black founded.

"Dave is not in the business any longer," she told News 2 after she filed her official papers to run for governor. "He has a passion for this. He did his dissertation many years ago on THC, on marijuana and he is passionate that we make sure that the people of this state know of what the true issue is... and that is the money in the big marijuana industry."

Representative Black for now maintains she would veto any medical cannabis bill as governor.

It was one of many topics, the congressional member was asked Thursday.

She said arming some teachers with the kind of training SROs receive "is worth looking at."

Black maintains she can continue to do both of her full time jobs well - being in Congress and running for governor.

She has been chided by some for not participating in as many of the forums and debates as some of the candidates have, but she plans to be part of a statewide televised debate with Republican candidates April 18 on Nexstar stations, including WKRN, across Tennessee.

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